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dozens more drug suspects are walking. they have dropped another set of cases linked to police officers accused of breaking the rules. phil shows us the investigation into these officers is far from over. phil? >> reporter: that's right, dana, the investigation is far from over and so is the concern that even more cases will be dismissed before this is wrapped up. the bombshell was dropped today in room 22, courtroom 22 by the district attorney. here is the so are are you. >> we believe that when anybody in the system allows people to be incarcerated while they are holding information that may provide sufficient evidence to release that person at the time, that we are being less than ethical and that we are not following our legal obligations. >> reporter: that was san francisco district attorney george gascone announcing that
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another 42 theft, robbery and drug cases were being tossed as a result of police misconduct being caught on video. >> the district attorney is making the right call. there is no way that a case can be proven in case when you have these kinds of questions about the officers' credibility. >> reporter: it start we had a surveillance camera that caught a team of police officers conducting drug searches in welfare hotels without the proper warrants. and then allegedly falsifying the police reports about what really happened. the same team caught on tape also worked a street robbery unit. and now those cases are tainted as well. >> and based on the information known to date, we cannot proceed with the prosecution of approximately 57 cases. >> reporter: the six officers and their supervisor have been taken off the street while police review the passed seven years of their cases. >> this office will not have to prosecute wrongdoing coming from anyone, including police officers. >> reporter: peter keen who has certained both as a public
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defender and the police commission says the scran tall had been brewing for years. >> one of the dirty little not so secret secrets of the criminal justice system that has been going on for a long time. in terms of police officers, particularly narcotics police officers, going ahead and engaging in legal searches and then saying that they had consent. >> i do expect that our investigation over the next few weeks will reveal more cases involving these officers. >> reporter: in the meantime, the police chief has ordered all street officers back in for a refresher course on searches. i have to caution everybody the investigation is just started. we need this investigation to take its course before we start indicting all of the people that are involved. >> reporter: remember the last scandal involving the san francisco police department was in the drug lab. and that ended up with 700 cases being dismissed, dana. now, this is nowhere near that right now. but the big question remains are other officers going to be involved down the line? and public defender says he may
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have more videotapes within the next couple of days. dana? >> well, the point or the question that i have is seven years of cases are going to go back. they have found 57. do these 57 cases go back the last six months? i mean, this could be, like you say, hundreds and hundreds of cases. >> reporter: it remains to be seen. these are the ones that were just pending, dana. these are the ones that had people either in jail or ready to go there. these are the ones where they are actually springing people. what they review about those they sent away remains to be seen. >> thank you, phil. by now we are all familiar with the various dangers involved while using your debit or credit card at an atm or gas pump. watch your back and look out for altered machines and that kind of thing. criminals never stop coming up with new ways to rip you off. we have two of them and simon perfect sez starts perez starts with glue. >> reporter: how can this help you steal money from these?
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we have had 21 cases in san francisco alone. hundreds, thousands of people use atms every day. in theory, a safeway to manage your minus get deducted by the sticky fingered atm bandit. >> oh, that's frightening, isn't it? >> reporter: you hit the enter button. but on some machines the enter button doesn't work because the crook has glued it. as well as the clear and cancel button. >> you press enter and it sticks. nothing happens. they press clear and nothing happens. and they press cancel. nothing happens. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. can you believe it? >> oh, no. well, you know, i've heard a lot of stories about that. but wow. >> reporter: so now what do you do? your card is still in the machine and it won't work. the crooks are counting on you to go into the bank and ask for help. >> i suspect that they are probably waiting within 20 or 30 feet because they can't wait a long time to get over here to
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this machine. once you walk away, they are going to come right up and pull the money out. >> how do they do it? they use the touch screen which still works even if the mechanical buttons don't. they hit enter and the transaction you started is completed by the crooks. >> if the mechanical keys stop functioning simply go to the computer screen and press cancel there and your card will come out. >> here are a couple more tips to keep from getting ripped off at an atm. follow the instructions on the screen. ignore any potential good samaritans that says can i help you? if you are having trouble with the machine go to another run. >> reporter: they arrested william boyle for executing the glue scan. he is not alone. >> four reports out of richmond in the last 60 days. i understand there is in excess of 20 city wide that are reported. >> reporter: so if the machine doesn't work, don't panic. stay calm. remember, you can use the touch screen to either finish up what you were doing or cancel the
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whole transaction all together. as juliette said in the beginning the bad guys never seem to give up. another way you can get duped. >> simon, two men are under arrest in a sophisticated credit card skimming it scam and it happens at a place all of us go to all the time. mike beer knows there is always risk when he uses his credit card at the pump. >> pretty scary. >> reporter: but beer says he had no idea that thieves could steal his card information with no visible sign at all that a crime is being committed. >> does that worry you when you use your credit card? >> now it does, yeah. what can you do? >> nothing. >> reporter: authorities have arrested two men from southern california who allegedly came to the bay area and planted credit card skimming devices inside gas pumps. 23-year-old and 24-year-old men of glendale are both currently free on bail. >> it is especially frustrating
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because there is no way that a customer could know that a gas pump has been compromised. >> reporter: the district attorney topple flattery said the fraud was detected when one of the triggered the alarm. >> they opened the face of the pump and installed an electronic device on the circuit board inside the pump. so the pump looks completely normal from the outside. it works completely normal. >> reporter: the skimers allegedly used by the pair are similar to this one and are placed on the circuitry that sends card data for verification. authorities retrieved six skimers from five shell and chevron gas station inside both mountain view. >> it is pretty common to target affluent areas. maybe because people have better credit balances. maybe because they don't check their balances as closely. >> reporter: does that surprise you that people are going to that extent to get your credit card number? >> well, they will do anything
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to get your money. >> reporter: indeed they will. so how did those alleged criminals get into those gas pumps? well, what else, they used a key, according to the prosecutors. a key that apparently works on many common models of gas pumps. as for the credit card numbers the prosecutors here believe they got about $3600 separate credit card numbers. but the good news is authorities got these two people before they believe they could actually get the data off their skimming cards. so there could have been some skimers earlier but at least in this community round they do believe that they saved the data, if you will, before it could be used for ill gain. >> a lot of thought in all of this. mark sayre. >> indeed. >> thank you. >> and revisiting our top story from last night, the high wire high octane theft on vanness avenue. they drove off with celebrity chef's bumble bee lamborgini.
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value was $200,000. that car at last check is still missing. >> simon told us about the sticky clear button. mark had the new skimming threat. another hot rumor about your credit card at the gas pump. now what happens once you are done pumping? we have a fact check. >> well, in mill valley you just don't call it theft. >> call it what you will, the star is a landmark but maybe not for long. the colourful history and uncertain future of mill valley's pleasure principle. >> forget side chairs and baby talk. why this hot parenting approach takes a hands-off approach. could it be the secret to raising a happier child? that's coming up next. . >> we first contaminated water was going into the bay area homes. >> there is nothing you can do about it. >> now the da wants answers
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from the landlord tonight on cbs 5. ,,,, you want to get a great looking lawn like this, but trying to grow grass from seed in tough areas like deep shade, along the driveway, and where the kids play can be a little intimidating... until now. with scotts ez seed. it's scotts best grass seed, starter fertilizer and a growing material that absorbs water
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and expands to surround and protect the seeds, you'll get a thick, green scotts lawn even if you've never been successful with other seed before. the revolutionary scotts ez seed. grow grass anywhere. marin county may be closing . after nearly half a century in business a special shop in
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marin county may be closing its doors. it is not necessarily the type of shop that you expect to find there. mike sugarman says it may be one of the last of its kind. >> reporter: when david mcdonald opens the doors of his store, the pleasure principle, it is not much different from when he opened them five decades ago. in a marin county town valued mill valley there is a shop called the pleasure principle. it is what is known as a head shop. >> reporter: they featured dave and his pleasure, a store that has been here the passed 48 years. >> it was originally listed for jewelry, gifts and luxury items. we haven't depart interested that format. but what we have done is seriously expand the parameters of what constitutes luxury items. [ laughter ] >> reporter: luxury items also include a large cache of items we can't show on t.v. >> you sell a lot of porn here?
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>> well, in mill valley you just don't call it porn. it is upscale erotica. >> reporter: he has sold items to willy nelson and sharon stone and members of the band called warlocks visited his cramped little store. they later became the grateful dead. >> it needs a lot of work and restructuring. if i can get my head cleared and do it that will be happening also. there you go, slow, slow, slow. we lost quite a stack there. >> reporter: imagine trying to clear this place out. but that's what mcdonald may be doing. his landlord has given him an eviction notice at the end of march. tired of often late payments mcdonald says he has always paid up. >> what do you think will go in here if you leave? >> another trendy upscale shop with a higher price. mill valley has changed so much. it would be a shame, like i said, to see this shop go. it's like one of the last bastions of what true mill valley used to be like. >> reporter: landlord stephen
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mcnamara told me by phone if all of the people had shopped there more they wouldn't be in this situation. dave mcdonald wants to keep the spirit alive but the door may be closing on the accept of an era. mike sugarman, cbs 5. >> watch out, tiger mom, a growing number of parents across the nation and here in the bay area have adopted a new approach to parenting. dr. kim mulvahill reports, they are unbabying their babies. >> julie is serving her toddler a snack. >> do you want to stand up while i put your bib on? can you sit down? >> but little elias is not strapped into a high chair. >> he has his freedom to get up if he doesn't want to eat. he doesn't need to be contained in a chair. >> reporter: he sits at a table and drinks from a glass. >> good job drinking your water. >> reporter: elias is one of a number of children across the
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nation who are not being babied by their parents. the approach is called rye it is short for researchers for infant careers. >> i feel like i am raising creative thinkers and learners. >> reporter: supporters treat their babies as little people and not justin fans. >> we tend to baby babies. and that doesn't make sense. they are people. and just because he can't make complete sentences doesn't mean i have to talk baby talk to him. they have to observe more and do less. if they take away a toy they do not intervene. >> very often people will rush into the cry and sweep the child up and hug them tight. and sometimes i feel it is more about comforting themselves because they are really uncomfortable with hearing their child cry. >> reporter: the focus, how the baby experiences life. and that includes acknowledging their opinions and offering them choices at an early age. >> for instance, it is time to go now. i see you don't want to go, but
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it is time to go. would you like to walk to the car or shall i carry you? >> reporter: the supporters say telling your baby what you are going to do before do you it is respectful, relaxing and helps the child's sense of predictability. >> we would never, you know, pick up an adult and haul him into the other room. why not afford the same respect to to a baby? >> however, this doctor says that science does not back up all of these ideas. >> if the baby is happy sitting in the high chair looking at you and splattering, you know, and playing with food, use the high chair. >> reporter: not only that, not every mom thinks you can reason with a 2-year-old. >> i think that a baby is a baby is a baby. >> certain aspects i think are unrealistic. >> reporter: but supporters say they see nothing but positive results. >> learning about table manners at an early age, right adrian? >> he loves it. >> i don't know. i still like to be babied.
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>> baby baby. let's check in with roberta. >> since she likes to be babied our dana king. reach over and give dana king a big hug because happy birthday, dana. >> happy birthday. >> i think i will sing to you a little bit later. >> oh, i can't wait. [ laughter ] >> it's live as our cbs 5 weather camera looking at the increasing cloud cover. today we had highs anywhere from 59 at sfo to 73 degrees in santa cruz. it was 73 in concord. admittedly the temperatures came a good 2-4 degrees below the projected maximums due to the shield of high clouds that really tempered with the high temperatures. out and about this evening, mostly cloudy skies. it is a high thin veil of clouds. overnight 40 in santa rose is a to mid-40s around the central bay. 45 redwood city all the way to palo alto. 45 over many night in concord. clayton, and hercules. this is a brand new area of
6:18 pm
high pressure way over here. we did project partly cloudy skies but again the clouds masked some of the sunshine. now here is a brand new area of low pressure that promises to bring us some very light precipitation. morning commute far reaches of sonoma county you could see some light rain showers. it looks like for the most part during your lunch hour is when we will have the very light rain spilling from the north to the southern portion of our district. less than a quarter of an inch for the most part is expected. just more of a sloppy day than anything. so we will call it mostly cloudy with that scattered rain shower. keep the umbrella handy. highs up to 65 degrees. 66 for the warmest location to the south. otherwise it will be dry on friday. a slight chance of a rain shower far north on saturday. and then again late sunday, daily chances of you needing that umbrella through wednesday. talk more about the sunset and weather pattern. that's coming up next time around. >> roberta, thanks so much.
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a popular brand name rumor and is generic gas any better than the other stuff? that's all up in two minutes. >> the jefferson awards are sponsored by home consignment center. ,, [ banker ] when ashley's violin teacher told her parents she was gifted, they were thrilled. she's a natural vibrato. oh. we started saving for this music camp in vermont. so i told them about some of the wells fargo online savings tools like my savings plan, which helps them set up and monitor a savings goal. until we found out that maybe her teacher uses certain terms a little bit loosely. rebecca is clearly very gifted. [ banker ] we decided to roll that money into ashley's college account.
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turns out there's seven gifted kids in ashley's class of nine. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when it's time to save. ♪
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but now . as we have already mentioned tonight, skimming scams have consumers on edge about gas pump rip-off. but now there is another warning about people charging gas to your card right after you drive off. and julie watts consumer report will find out if it is a rumor or is it real? >> i will wait a couple of minutes until i answer that question. we have a lot of consumer news so we will get to that story in just a bit. many rely on the anticipation bills so they can pay their bills while they wait for the government to pay them. berkeley is making that a lot
6:22 pm
more accessible. the credit union is offering its own version of a refund participation loan for $19. get the money the next day. tax preparation services often charges upwards of 40% interest on these types of loans. the credit union is acorn from the ashby bart station. and they will also prepare tax forms for free for low income taxpayers. there is another way to get quick cash if you have an ipad. the market for used ipads is exploding in anticipation of the ipad 2 releases friday. georgia he the buyback website reports it handled more than 2500ipad trades on the very first day of trade-ins. the most popular model is the 16qigipad. the original costs about $500. a used top of the line 3g with wireless may be worth $510. not bad considering the original was just over $700. ebay and net also report record ipad trade- inactivity. and finally as we mentioned
6:23 pm
earlier, fraudulent activity at the gas pump is up. so when we got this e-mail from our viewer jack, we had to check it out. is it true that unless you hit the clear button after a transaction, someone can charge gas to your credit card? apparently an e-mail has been circulating claiming the gas station attendant can keep charging your card unless you hit clear. well, it turns out it is simply spam. according to the myth buster website gas companies have to hang-up as soon as you hang up the nozzle. that e rumor is circulating and now that gas prices are up it's back. go to and check it out. >> my friend told me about that, too, at the gas pump. >> still always hit that clear button. julie, thanks. >> all right. you have the gas station you prefer, but what if the gas is cheaper somewhere else like at
6:24 pm
an independent station? greg priestly wants to know is there any difference from the gas purchased from an independent or a major brand station? ken bastida has tonight's good question answer. >> reporter: americans are hoping that the price of gasoline peaks and soon. as gas approaches $4 a gallon there is a lot of shopping going on for that cheap gas. >> the gas will probably run adequately. but it just doesn't meet the requirements of the automobile manufacturers and the cars and what they recommend. >> sunny campbell is the executive director of the california service station and automotive repair association. he says despite what you might think, all gas is not created equal. when you pull into a major brand station, thank you guaranteed what's known in the industry as top tier gas. >> the difference would be added detergents and also additives for performance. >> reporter: each company has its own. they go by the names techron
6:25 pm
and vetron and pro power and designed to lube gate and get better performance. when you purchase from an independent you are buying raw gasoline, no beneficial additives, which is why it is a bit cheaper. >> it's all personal choice. >> reporter: so a steady diet of the un formulated will not blow you up. >> as long as you are changing your oil and doing all of the other necessary things you are probably okay. >> reporter: go to and click on "connect" to send me your good questions. here the number of police is going down. the number of prostitutes going up. what to do next? one group says why not shame the johns? >> i am len ramirez at stanford university where a course of interest are just for convenience or a blueprint for these to get an easy a? >> and just how many great
6:26 pm
white sharks are swimming outside the golden gate. the first of its kind count and the surprising result. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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remember the eight people who died. . right now survivors of the deadly san brown pipeline gas
6:29 pm
eruption. 38 homes were destroyed. looking into the cause, investigators found a seam with inferior welds in the gas pipe that is believed to be the origin of the blast. the state public utilities commission has given pg&e a deadline of march 15th to produce records on its natural gas pipeline system or it will face fines. >> new video just outside today of the san brown pipeline explosion just moments after it happened. home video released by the national transportation board which is investigating the blast. the video is looking east on easterly avenue just a few homes down from where the pipe burst. you can actually hear the gas spewing as the flames shoot into the air. this video is released six months to the day of the disaster which killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. >> well, the city of vallejo is fighting a prostitution surge. with thes ar -- reduced police force following budget cuts it is proving to be quite a
6:30 pm
challenge. ann on how the city may take aim at customers to drive the prostitutes away. ann? >> reporter: you are absolutely right, dana so no one really thinks they will end prostitution. it is the oldest profession in the world. but if you use that billboard you see behind me maybe you can cut counsel -- down on the number of tricks. >> a condom wrapper is one sign of prostitution here on the streets. and everyone seems to know what's going on. >> sometimes i come outside and you know you will see a girl walking around in a skimpy skirt with her buttocks cheeks hanging out and you know you have to explain that to your daughter. >> i don't think that's healthy for families and others living in that neighborhood. and i really think there needs to be something done about it. >> it has become more prevalent lately. maybe more flagrant lately. but it's always been a problem we have had to deal with. >> reporter: even though we were told the girls are out day and night, we didn't see any
6:31 pm
hookers, perhaps because we had a t.v. camera. but enough people are fed up that a citizens prostitution task force has proposed a long list of suggestions. among that, more police and citizen patrols. more penalties for convicted prostitutes and cameras at key locations. they are also considering deer john letters to people whose cars are in areas known for prostitution to keep people on their toes. the ranks have already been decimated from 150 police officers to 9. one of the more controversial suggestions posting the john's blurred photos and directing people to a website where they can identify the person. >> i think some of the solutions that have been proposed by the mayor's task force are good solutions. and probably will go a long way to curbing some of this behavior. >> reporter: but some people think this effort is a waste of time. do you think these men would care if they are identified? >> no. they don't care. they don't care. the only thing they would care about is that their wife don't
6:32 pm
see them. go after the people that is killing people, the drug dealers and the people that is robbing people and other people getting mugged in the parking lot. >> reporter: this isn't a done deal. in fact a question of whether the billboard and the letters are even legal. the city is asking the state attorney general to weigh in on the issue. >> thank you. it was a closely guarded secret or it was supposed to be. a list of classes at a bay area university known to help student these eastern easy as. the idea is to help boost grade point averages. and how it got exposed. >> reporter: well, athletics and act democrats are a very big part of the education at stanford university. it is raising questions as to whether the academics are being softened in favor of the athletics. >> reporter: it is known as the courses of interest list. just about every student athlete at stanford knows about
6:33 pm
it. >> they are organized by time slots to help these fit them into their schedule. we are only able to take classes in the morning because we all have practices in the afternoon. and some of them are duct to level classes. >> reporter: in fact most are introductory classes which has led some to label it an easy course list for these. among the 40 classes on the list are drama 103, beginning improvising and dance 156, social dances of north america 3. but the list also has things like deduction to statistics and math 19, calculus. >> that is not a simple class. >> reporter: the university officials say the list was compiled by the athletic academic resource center for ease of scheduling not as a fast pass or an easy a for these. >> there are typical stanford classes available to all of our students. these aren't singled out in anyway. >> reporter: the report was first published by california watch and reported by stanford investigative journal ism students. >> i am a ta for the beginning
6:34 pm
improvising class. >> reporter: other students including a teaching assistant for one of the courses on the list disputes the idea that the classes are filled with these. >> my class only has one athlete in it. >> reporter: the issue is a sensitive one for the university which prides itself on having top these in the field and also top students in the classroom. burke sims a sophomore swimmer says he has not been pushed to take any of the classes on the list. >> reporter: are they easy class inside. >> i actually don't know. i have never taken any of the classes off the list. at least not because they are on the list. i am a double major so i am sort of busy trying to get my own work in and graduate in four years. >> now, we are not talking about any kind of special classes for these. these are classes that are all on the catalog lists that are open to all of the other students. they are just compiled into a more convenient form for the these to get. now, it is unclear as to whether or not this list will be back in the fall the next time that students will be registering for classes. >> all right. len ramirez at stanford.
6:35 pm
thanks so much. tonight there will be a critical vote whether or not to pass out pink slips to hundreds of teachers in oakland. this is a i am too of year where districts notify school staffers that their jobs are in jeopardy in case their books don't balance and they have to resort to lay-offs. but 24 -- this year it is especially bad in oakland. last year 60 full-time positions were on the line. this year 538. >> it's very discouraging. it makes you want to give up after a while. >> we really run out of majors to avoid having to issue a large number of layoffs. >> governor brown has promised to maintain funding for k-12 education. but the state budget is far from solidified and no one knows what to expect. in the meantime, richmond high school students have new resources this evening to learn science and technology. the school cut the ribbon on the new computer lab today to promote engineering and math education. it features 30 computers with special software that students can use for engineering
6:36 pm
projects. >> it is some of the most impressive technology ever produced by mankind. but what do you do with a used space shuttle? it turns out nasa has some options more than it knows what to do. [ music ] >> nevernd underestimate the power of music. how an alameda teen reaches back in time with a piano to brighten someone else's sunday afternoon. >> we know that barry zito can play the guitar. but can he still get out major league hitters. every outing has been scrutinized. and down to the buzzer in vegas do they feel lucky coming up? time at the movies, playing video games,
6:37 pm
[ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. motrin pm. time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze. but with zyrtec® liquid gels, i get fast, 24-hour allergy relief. so i feel better by the time we tee off. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®.
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free time at the movies, playing video games, or hanging out with friends.. an alameda teen spends every sunday afternoon serving othe . >> white most teenagers would rather play video games or at the movies or hanging out with friends, an alameda teen expends every single sunday afternoon serving others.
6:39 pm
sharon chin introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: 15-year-old brian wong, honor student with a 4.8gpa, chemistry ace, various sit tennis player. but especially proud to be called volunteer. >> sunday afternoons are a time when i can see my sister -- senior friends and really have a chance to interact with them. [ music ] >> reporter: brian makes sundays happy at water ledge lodge an assisted living near his alameda home. since 2009 the junior has been playing the piano and leading sing alonging for singers like 91-year-old ella parker. >> he plays our kind of music from our ears, 60s, 70s, yeah. >> reporter: how much does that mean to you to hear this music? >> it means a lot. >> reporter: even though the songs are decades before brian's time.
6:40 pm
[ music ] >> i would probably say i would know probably 1/10thth of the songs before. >> reporter: whatever the request will be, brian will pay play it. the seniors hum and he plays it by ear or find sheet music for his repertoire of 100 songs, music to the ear of 90-year-old robert chin. >> he is very versatile in that sense. and he can play almost anything you name. >> for brian, making music is just one of his community service projects. he also fundraises for the local food banks. >> how much is that check for? >> $10,000. >> $10,000. >> he raised even more than he managed for cbs 5 food for families holiday food drive. the money came from friends, family and local businesses. he raised enough to buy $20,000 food for the alameda county food bank. >> as teenagers we have a lot of time on our hands. >> they even profiled brian on a recent feature on community
6:41 pm
service. >> i have had everything that i want since i was a child. and so i just want to give back a little of what i have gotten. [ music ] >> reporter: to urge others to give, brian formed a community service club at school. and he is training his 13-year- old brother spencer and justin to take over his volunteer projects when he goes to college. their mother says serving together brings family harmony. >> it is really nice, you know. not only to see the seniors having fun while they sing and we as a family getter tighter bond. >> i feel that i am doing my part to serve the community. ♪ they will be coming around the mountain as she comes ♪ >> so for sister service with songs and fundraising for food this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to brian wong. sharon chin, cbs 5. >> all right. so to learn more go to
6:42 pm and click the cbs 5 at the top of the page and then the jefferson awards. after the break, a great white shocker after the coast of california. and the high demand for a precious few used space shuttles. >> and just when you thought it was safe to put the umbrella away, wait. the days you will need that umbrella as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,, california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes...
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combined. we have a lot more work to do. ♪ eat well, live long ♪ have a good daisy, work out, get strong ♪ ♪ when you need a lift, just sing a song ♪ ♪ and have a good daisy ♪ have a good daisy with a natural treat ♪ ♪ have a good daisy, healthy foods to eat ♪ ♪ when you want some joy, dance to the beat ♪ ♪ and have a good daisy [ female announcer ] enjoy the fresh, 100% natural choice in cottage cheese. ♪ have a good daisy ♪ have a good daisy
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touched down for the final time today. a smoot . you are rook looking at the end of an era for nasa. it completed its mission to the international space station. discovery is the world's oldest and longest serving space shuttle. endeavor is next to retire. atlantis will fly the last mission this summer. so where does a space shuttle spend its retirement? all right. well, most likely the sithsonian air and space museum in washington. but used shuttles are in high demand. some museums around the country are trying to add them to their collections. among those campaigning for
6:46 pm
them, nasa's johnson space center in houston. the intrepid sea, air and space museum in manhattan. and the museum of flight and seattle which is spending big money to house a shuttle it doesn't even know it will get. in all nasa says 21 institutions have expressed interest. it will make the final decision one month from now. well, there appear to be fewer great white sharks in the waters off california than scientists expected. biologists conducted a first- ever census in the northeast pacific social and they believe only 219 full grown and near adult white sharks hang 0 out between bodega bay and monteray. because there are no numbers it is hard to know if they are rising, falling. but i don't know i think one is a lot. >> one is many. i like my sharks lacing up their skates at hp pavilion. >> turquoise. >> yeah.
6:47 pm
>> there you go. >> san jose sharks. today the waterfront a little bit on the choppy side. we did have a small craft advisory earlier today. we do have that advisory allowed to expire. taking a look out off montgomery there. looking from the building 850 feet outlooking out forwards san francisco, where today's high was 62 degrees, which is spot on for this time of the year. if you are out and about this evening, we do have the numbers trailing off now into the 50s and the 60s. we are noticing the clouds are streaming back into the vicinity. official sundown was at 610. tonight with the veil of clouds overnight lows to the mid-40s across the central bay. mid-40s at the delta as well. 47 in san jose. including campbell and sunnyvale. first area of low pressure watch it there it is spilling the clouds over the bay area. and that did temper some of our
6:48 pm
high temperatures today. otherwise behind it here is yet another area of low pressure that wants to push in providing us with some rain showers for your thursday. and so our pinpoint forecast is working it out like this, the first off we do have light rain showers by the morning commute and the far eachs of the northern portion of the north bay. and then by lynch hour, you might not want to pack that lunch and eat outdoors. it looks like it will be rainy and very light precipitation. before it begins to evaporate towards the evening commute. so i tried to stack the numbers together to come up with some projected rainfall totals again for thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. half an inch north of the golden gate bridge. a quarter that's a little generous for the santa cruz mountains as well as the peninsula. so it wants to runs in the bay and along the coast side as far as this area of low pressure from the north to the south. tomorrow's daytime temperatures with that veil of clouds into the 50s. a few low 60s.
6:49 pm
outside number will be 66 degrees towards santa cruz. also morgan hill. your friday will be dry. and they be -- then we will introduce the clouds again into your saturday with the slight chance of a north bay shower. sunday is looking iffy now. the bulk of your weekend will be dry with a chance of rain showers. sunday in the north bay. by the early evening hours daily chances monday through wednesday. oh, you guys i really want you to see this. i have never seen this before. geo blacks sent this picture. you november those wild turkeys running around our neighborhoods. these are on the rooftops going from south to north. we thank you for sharing that wonderful animal moment with us right here on wild kingdom gang. have you seen that before? >> just on the street. not on the rooftop. thanks, ro, nice picture. >> all right. is it cheating or just strategy? coming up on 11 at cbs 5 why a bay area sports team is being accused of losing on purpose?
6:50 pm
>> two incredible finishes bringing early end to the tournament. and why do people struggle when tim lincecum is having a hard time. . >> now the da wants answers from the landlord tonight at 11 on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,, you want to get a great looking lawn like this,
6:51 pm
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information director lawrence fan has been calling me to plug his spartans..even his mother super . for 31 years san jose's information director lawrence fan has been calling me to plug his spartans. even his mother tracked me down in a supermarket one time demanding more coverage. well, mom, you get it tonight. wc tournament underway in las vegas. san jose is down hawaii. hawaii has one last chance. listen to the finish. [ applause ] >> now, let's take a look. now, before this tip-in, the buzzer sounded. so the basket is ruled no good. and san jose state pulls out a huge win 75-74. guaranteeing their first win in 17 years. and it is the highest win total since the regan administration. they advance to the second round against idaho tomorrow. lawrence, do not call me. we will put it on. >> the tournament st. johns
6:54 pm
taking on rutgers. final second no foul called. brownly takes the few steps. steps out of bounds and throws the ball into the air. rutgers say first of all there should be a foul. he stepped out of bounds with a second and a half and the referees walked off the court. they didn't even bother to go look at the replay. clearly 1.6 seconds left. referees walk off the court. steve lavin and st. john's win the game. you get a little nervous when tim lincecum struggles, don't you? the small frame finally giving in or his explosive wind-up is exploding. but the coach puts it this way lincecum is the face of the franchise so when he hiccups, so does everybody else. >> he is obviously an important character in our bay area news. and, you know, he's a star. >> two cy young awards and the winning pitcher in the game that clinched the giants' first world series since moving to san francisco. yes, it's good to be tim
6:55 pm
lincecum but he hasn't been perfect. lincecum endured the worst month of his career last august with an 0-5 record and a 7.82 earned run average before turning it around in september. the question is what happened? there is teams out there who want to kick your butt. you know what, he wasn't doing -- he wasn't sharp at that point. and he wasn't ready for it. and he had to do a little something about it. >> i can't keep searching. i just got to go out there and pitch. >> the second start in a row, very un lincecum-like. >> he picked up on his conditions and did everything a little bit pardon harder. you know, he got pissed off. he said, hey, i am used to doing good. i am tired of this. i will find a way to get better and he did. >> reporter: lincecum answered questions about his work et ike and then this off-season he threw more than he ever has. the rest of the league has been put on notice. >> he said last year he didn't come in good enough shape. so he made that an off-season
6:56 pm
objective. >> that last august he had really hit home for him. one of the best things that happened to him was that. the first two years kind of humbled him. everybody goes through times in their career and they struggle. he came in this year a little more determined. >> barry zito knows all about struggles but re discovered his mojo against the white sox. he pitched 9.7 innings. scoreless game until aubrey huff tattoos and all takes it downtown. giants went 4-2 their 10th win in cactus league play. dallas brayden got knocked up by the rangers. he can't glove the two run score. the as are down 2-0. the braves allowed four runs before he could get an out. michael young drove in two more. brayden gave up five runs in
6:57 pm
2.3 innings. as lose 9-2. >> warriors road trip is mercifully over and so are their playoffs points. the team lost to some really lousy teams. the nets are bad. the girlfriend kim kardashian is not. they love it. he ends on a david lee and the warriors up by four. they traded anthony to new jersey. he torched them tonight 22 points the fadeaway. he nets up one in the 4th. shooting only 30% from the field. they scored just 13. pretty tough to win like that. 132 to go in the game. former stanford sore lopez gets the foul. he had a game high 46. the thing is the best player for the nets darren williams didn't even have to play. >> wow. >> that's how bad it is. >> ouch, that hurts. >> we are coming back at 10 and 11. we will see you then. [ music ] switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year.
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